Home Theatre Installation Miami- Transform Your Home With Flawless Entertainment

Home Theatre

Savor every minute of your favorite films and TV shows with a home theater system. Take pleasure in picture perfect projector placement and surround sound setups that put you right at the heart of the action!

Engage with top-rated Miami, FL home media designers to craft an ideal media room. Their expert services will assist with concealing equipment and accessories, optimizing seating arrangements and selecting suitable lighting for the space of home theatre installation Miami.


Do not brave the elements this winter – bring the movies right into your own living room with a home theater projector system designed and installed professionally! Enjoy watching all your favorite films in HD quality on any weeknight, making any night feel like cinematic bliss.

Unleash a whole new level of entertainment with an expansive projection screen and surround sound speakers. Home theater design will involve assessing your entertainment needs and budget before creating a custom system just for you.

Sony’s industry-leading 4K projectors boast remarkable contrast, color and realism. You’ll experience breathtaking detail that you can almost feel; thanks to blue laser diode BLU-Escent technology they create images closer to human perception than other projectors on the market.


An effective speaker setup can enhance your home theater experience. From watching the Oscars with friends to enjoying an intimate cinematic journey by yourself, surround sound speakers will fully immerse you in every scene and storyline.

Choose in-ceiling or in-wall speakers that blend in seamlessly with your decor for an easy multi-room music experience. However, proper installation requires professional services – fitting them into walls or ceilings while running wires through firewalls is no simple feat!

Professional installers can accomplish the job more quickly and effortlessly than you could on your own, offering additional advice regarding audio system placement and room acoustics that will make the home theater experience much more pleasurable and stress-free.


Add a subwoofer to your audio system for enhanced enjoyment of music, movies and television shows. A subwoofer boosts low frequencies such as bass guitars, pipe organs, deep voices, kick drums and movie sound effects; relieving other speakers from reproducing demanding low frequencies with lower distortion.

Subwoofers convert electrical current into vibrations through magnetic coils, amplifying these through sound waves to produce deep bass tones that make you experience music or movies like never before.

A powered subwoofer can add the sounds of car horns or ocean waves crashing to your home cinema experience, as well as more realistic reproduction of gunshots or explosions from movies to make movie viewing even more realistic.

Audiovisual Accessories

Home cinema setup should be left to professionals unless you possess extensive wiring and surround sound expertise. Plus, having someone familiar with your equipment available should any problems arise in the future is always helpful.

Search the Professionals section of the site to locate Miami, FL home media designers and home automation services to meet your specific needs. They can assist in designing ideal seating arrangements, concealing TV and accessories behind doors, installing ideal lighting systems and selecting and purchasing optimal audiovisual equipment to create your customized media room – as well as helping to create a calming atmosphere designed to minimize distractions and maximize viewing enjoyment! Plus they may even offer additional services such as Samsung TV servicing and antenna installation!


When investing in a home theater system, it is crucial to hire professional electricians to set up and connect it. This involves running all the required wires through their respective conduits before installing them in such a manner that ensures they remain safe and secure.

Lunis Systems specialists know exactly where and how to place TVs, projectors and speakers for optimal viewing angles and acoustics. Furthermore, they can hide cords behind walls or under floors for a professional and finished appearance.

They make finding a home media designer easy: simply search local professionals on Houzz and view their ratings and reviews before browsing their photos to gain an idea of their work style and aesthetic. Once you find one who fits, request a quote – they may offer package deals or discounts when multiple services are combined into one package deal!

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