Top 7 Fake ID Websites: A Comprehensive Review

Fake ID Websites

Are you looking for a way to get into that club or buy alcohol before you are legally allowed? Or maybe you just want to have some fun with your friends by getting a fake ID. Whatever the reason is, there are plenty of websites out there claiming to sell high-quality fake IDs. But how do you know which ones can be trusted and which ones are scams? In this comprehensive review, we will take a closer look at the top 7 fake ID websites on the market today. Read on to find out which one suits your needs best! is one of the most popular fake ID websites among students. The website offers a wide range of IDs, including driver’s licenses and state identification cards that are scannable and have holographic features.

The ordering process on is straightforward and user-friendly. Customers can choose from different states, upload their photo, and fill out personal information for the ID. The average processing time for an order is around 2-3 weeks.

However, there have been mixed reviews about Some customers claim to have received high-quality IDs that passed multiple tests at bars and clubs. On the other hand, some customers reported receiving low-quality IDs with blurry images or incorrect information. is one of the most popular fake ID websites that promises top-quality IDs at an affordable price. This website has been around for quite some time and has a reputation for delivering IDs that are almost identical to real ones.

One of the standout features of is their attention to detail when it comes to replicating security features such as holograms, UV ink, and microprinting. This ensures that their IDs not only pass a visual inspection but also pass under scanning machines.

However, there have been mixed reviews about’s customer service. Some customers claim they’ve had great experiences with quick response times while others complain about receiving no response or poor quality in their orders.

Another factor to consider before placing an order on this website is their shipping options. Shipping can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks depending on where you live and if you choose express or standard shipping. is another website that offers fake identification cards for a diverse range of states. Unlike other sites, IDsBuddy has a relatively small selection of states available for purchase. However, they make up for the lack of variety with high-quality IDs that include several security features.

One unique feature about IDsBuddy is their “Stealth Shipping” option which guarantees discreet packaging to avoid any suspicion from authorities or roommates. The site also provides multiple payment options including Bitcoin and gift cards to protect your anonymity.

Another advantage offered by is their customer service team’s responsiveness. They have an online chat system where you can quickly get assistance if you have any issues with your order or questions about the process.

However, some customers have complained about longer than expected wait times for delivery and higher prices compared to other websites on this list. Nonetheless, it’s important to keep in mind that purchasing fake IDs from any website comes with risks and consequences. is another website that offers fake IDs to customers. The site claims to offer high-quality products with excellent customer service. It has been in the business for over five years and boasts of providing fast and reliable shipping.

One thing that sets IDViking apart from other websites is its unique security features, such as raised text, microprinting, UV ink, and more. These features are designed to make the IDs look almost identical to real ones.

However, it is important to note that using a fake ID can have serious consequences. Possessing or using one could result in legal trouble or harm your reputation if caught by authorities or employers. is another website that claims to offer high-quality fake IDs. The site offers a range of IDs, including driver’s licenses and student IDs from various states across the US.

One thing that sets apart from other fake ID websites is their pricing. Their prices are relatively affordable compared to some of the other sites on this list. However, as with all things in life, you get what you pay for.

The quality of the IDs from varies greatly. Some customers have reported receiving decent-looking IDs that can pass under scrutiny, while others claim they received poorly made ones that were instantly spotted as fakes.

Another issue with is their customer service. There have been numerous complaints about unresponsive or rude customer service representatives who don’t seem interested in helping customers resolve any issues they may be experiencing. is one of the most popular fake ID websites on the internet. They offer a wide selection of IDs from various states, including California, Texas, New York, and more. The website has been around for several years and has built up a reputation as being reliable.

One thing that sets apart from other fake ID websites is their customer service. They have a dedicated support team that can help you with any questions or concerns you may have about your order.

Another advantage of using is their pricing. They offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry, making them an affordable option for those looking to purchase a fake ID.

While there are some risks involved with using, they remain a popular choice among those looking to purchase fake IDs due to their reliability and affordability.


After reviewing the top 7 fake ID websites, it’s clear that there are both pros and cons to using these sites. While some may offer high-quality IDs with great customer service, others may provide low-quality products or even scam users.

It’s important for anyone considering purchasing a fake ID to do their research and carefully vet any potential website before making a purchase. Look for reviews from previous customers and pay attention to details like pricing, shipping options, and payment methods.

If you do choose to use a fake ID website despite the risks involved, make sure you’re well-informed about your options and proceed with caution.

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